Mortgage Loan Services

We offer competitive loan origination services for those that don't qualify for a Government backed Mortgage. Usually, the self employed.  There are any number of reasons why a lender will not approve a loan application.  Divorce, Job relocation, and many other life changes that will affect your credit worthiness.

We will try to help.!


Credit Building Leases

For those that are making an effort to build a better credit score and report,  We offer a Home lease, with a down payment building program. We can show a prospective home loan lender that have made your payments in a timely manner, (if you make your payments ontime), and build your down payment for a home loan.

Home Leasing for Temporary Tenants

We don't offer home leasing for New Homes without the Credit Building Service.

However we have some relatively new, used homes available for short term leases.  We don't lease for less than a year. We offer a temporary lease for a year with a yearly renewal.





Years of Federal Tax Experience...

Because we understand the federal tax laws, we can relate to you what the tax saving benefits are for the different programs we offer.

Obviously, the best tax saving program is the Home Mortgage loan.

Investiment in Real Estate is time proven...

Everyone is aware that Automobiles depreciate rapidly.

However, over the past several decades, home value have continued to appreciate.  If you are thinking about investments for an income or to help with retirement, you are in the right place.


Next Steps...

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