Our Approach

Our Model..

We have grown from a few homes to around 20 today. Our model today is a result of the many sales and customers that we have served over the years.  We originally bought homes and only sold them to customers that wanted to purchase a home and have us provide the mortgage services.  We modified that plan to allow for customers who did not qualify for a mortgage, a way to build a credit history of lease payments to improve their credit reports and build a larger nest egg to help with getting a mortgage in a couple of years, after their credit worthiness has improved.

Our Story

Our Story

Almost everyone has had thoughts about how to make more income when you are finally forced to retire.

When looking at the skills that we collected in our everyday work lives, we realized that we had all the necessary education to use those skill to provide professional mortgage services.

Next Steps...

Take a look at the homes we have to offer, read the associated material, and decide if we can be of help.

If so, please contact us using the associated contact us page.